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If I were to try to put into one phrase a primary theme within my writings, talks I’ve given, and teaching, I might say put forward the theme that Art can be a vehicle of research, that involvement in art can bring forth levels of awareness which inquiry that is primarily verbal may not reach or understand. Certainly, there are many other persons who share this conviction. For me, the initiative for this sprung from several reasons. I had felt, in my later high school years   and university, that verbal discourse was limited in its ability to understand or portray certain aspects of experience or reality, aspects such as the sense of the numinous, of the mystery of life or of consciousness. Worse, the creation of art was too much left out of academic focus, there was not time for art in the curriculum. Further, as to understanding the experience of people’s suffering, I felt that the verbal dialogue as mode of psychotherapy was too limited; and, accordingly, in the late 1960’s, early 1970’s, other modes of therapy, which were non-verbal, were gaining attention, with people turning to meditation, for example, and yoga, modes which have gained much validation since then. My wish to bring together art with a mode of seeking awareness -- or therapy --, led to my deciding to get a Masters and a PhD in art psychotherapy (as well as a Masters in Painting, Pratt Institute 1979), though to do this I had to stake out a path of my own interdisciplinary components. The creation of my Art as Visual Language approach grew out of this.

Teaching, Writing, Sharing



Art work reproductions:

  • “Les Tortues”, drawing, cover, Bulletin Municipal, Lacoste, France, Summer 2016

  • Design of drawing for cover of book, “Le scripteur et ses signifiants en six Chants, ou le miroir brisé de Maldoror: sémiotique pour Lautréamont,” by Lois Nathan; Publications de l'Université de Rouen, 2002.

  • “In the Melons”, drawing (1981), in “The Best of Drawing”, Rockport publishers, Rockport, MA., 1998

  • “Landscape of the Hand”, drawing (1979) from the series “The Molecules of Thought”, in News from the Beckman Center, Chemical Heritage Fdtn., 10:1, Winter 1992-93

  • “Woman in Bouquet of Trees”, drawing (1982) with Editor’s Introduction, in magazine, “Nouvelles Clés”, No. 9, 1990

  • Drawing, “Villages Perchés du Luberon” (Perched villages of the Luberon), in “Quand le Paysage Raconte l’Histoire”, article by Genevieve Dupoux-Verneuil, in Pays d’Apt, No. 221, 2014



  • Cover photo, in Booklet, Brèves Nouvelles, No. 126, “Les 50 ans de Luberon Nature”, Association Luberon Nature, 2016

  • Cover photo, Pays d’Apt magazine, April 2012 (and article)

  • Cover photo in Booklet, Brèves Nouvelles, No. 100, “Luberon Nature, 41 ans d’actions au service de l’environnement” of the Association Luberon Nature, 2008

  • Cover photo, Memori Magazine, No. 1, and article concept and photos, “Rencontre  avec Georges Adrian” (On olive trees, harvests, history, in the Luberon), June 2005

  • “Trouver les Melons Mûrs”, post card in the edition, “Timbre d’ Hier”, Foyer Rural, Lacoste, France, 2005

  • Landscape Photograph in “Air: A Terra Nova Book”, M.I.T. Press, 2003

  • “Artists of the Land. The Farmers of France’s Luberon Region”, photos and text, in The World and I, of The Washington Times, Sept. 2000; and back-cover photo

  • Photo, Cherry Trees, Bonnieux, in Snow, Parc du Luberon New Year’s Card (2011)

  • Landscape photos, Flyer for Parc du Luberon Conference Cycle, “Quels Paysages pour Demain?” (What Landscape for Tomorrow?) (2010)

Writings (often with art work included):


  • University Aix-Marseille, 1986“Un Système de Langage Visuel”, Actes du Colloque “Art et Littérature”,

  • “Art as Visual Language for Awareness of Self”, Leonardo, Journal of the International Society for Arts, Sciences, and Technology, Vol. 20, No. 3, pp.225-229, 1987

  • “Art and Elegance in the Synthesis of Organic Compounds; Robert Burns Woodward”, in Creative People at Work, ed. Howard Gruber and Doris Wallace, Oxford University Press, 1989

  • “Art et Langage Visuel; Transcodage du Poème en Dessin”, in Mouvance et Variations du Texte Littéraire (sémiotique/informatique), Semen 7, (Annales Littéraires de l’Université de Besançon), 1992

  • “Bildprogramme” (Image program), (Collected Articles in Memory of Vilèm Flusser), in Kunstforum, Bd 117, Spring 1992

  • “Le Rôle du Plaisir Esthétique ou l’Art Dans la Chimie Organique dans l’Oeuvre de R.B.Woodward”, in L’Actualité Chimique, Dec. 1993

  • “Dessins et Mise en Oeuvre d’un Poème; Enchevêtrement de Terre et Langage, de Picto-idéogramme et Alphabet”, (awaiting publication)

  • “The Provençal Paysan Tradition: A Study Program Using Art as Visual Language for Transcultural and Self Awareness”, Journal of Multicultural and Cross-cultural Research in Art Education, Vol. 16, Fall 1998

  • “Artistism i Elegantnost’ R.B.Woodwarda. Iskusstva kak Visualnoi Yazik”, (in Russian) in Ximia I Zhizn (Chemistry and Life, 21st Century), #4, Moscow, 1998

  • “The Function of Pictographic Script and Compoundings as Vehicles of Concentration and of Mediation in the Self-World Relationship”, in “Abstracts of Theses”, Academic Conference of the Lijiang International Dongba Festival and Arts Festival, Lijiang,Yunnan Province, China, 1999

  • “The Naxi Minority Dongba Script, a pictographic writing different from Chinese and Japanese; an ‘Art as Visual Language’ approach as Cultural/ Linguistic Bridge”, in YHI, Centre d’Etude du Pacifique (CEPAC), Université du Havre, 2000.

  • “A Little Artistic Guide to Reading R.B.Woodward”, in R.B.Woodward; Architect and Artist in the World of Molecules, Chemical Heritage Fdtn., 2001

  • “R.B.Woodward, an Artist in Chemistry; Reflections on a Synthesis of Science and Religion”, in Thoughts on Synthesis of Science and Religion. Sríla Prabhupada Birth Centenary Volume, ed. T.D.Singh and Samaresh Bandyopadhyay, Bhaktivedanta Institute, Calcutta, 2001

  • “Le Paysage, est-il un langage?” (“Landscape, is it a language?”), Pays d’Apt magazine, Apt, France, No. 210, 2012

  • “Paysage du Luberon, Lacoste et Bonnieux”, Revue Archipal, Association for Archaeology and History, Apt, France, No. 74, July 2014

  • "Paysages, Molécules, et Synthèses Artistiques" (Landscapes, Molecules, and Artistic Syntheses", 1998 (awaiting publication)

  • “La salamandre tachetée” (“The Fire Salamander”), in Brèves Nouvelles of the Association Luberon Nature, Nov. 2018, nr 133. › breves-nouvelles

  • Statut du triton palmé et de la salamandre tachetée (Amphibia, Urodela, Salamandridae) dans le Parc naturel régional du Luberon (Vaucluse)”, (“Status of the palmate newt and fire salamander (Amphibia, Urodela, Salamandridae) in the Luberon Regional Natural Park”, Alain Thiéry, Crystal Woodward, Grégory Deso, Bulletin de la Société d’Herpetologie of France, 2020

  • Biodiversité et tritons palmés dans le Luberon” (“Biodiversity and Palmate Newts in the Luberon”), in Brèves Nouvelles of the Association Luberon Nature, Dec. 2020 › breves-nouvelles

  • "The Geometry and Mystery of Flowers; the Art of Eudoxia Woodward", 2020

crystalwoodward lecture poster Landscape


One Person Shows:

  • Nature and Landscape in Photos, Habitat Education Center & Wildlife Sanctuary, Mass Audubon, Belmont, Ma., May 2020 (Exhibit postponed due to Covid-19)

  • Galatea Fine Art Gallery, "Whispers of Desire in an Animated Landscape" (2019)

  • Harvard University, Kirkland House, “Couples and Poems in an Animated Landscape, Drawings and Photos from the Luberon, France”, (Oct. 2012)

  • Parc du Luberon photo exhibit, “La Beauté et l’Art du Paysage du Luberon”, to accompany 4-month Conference Cycle on "Quels paysages pour demain?” (What landscapes for tomorrow?), (2010)

  • Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester, Mass. “The Luberon Landscape”, (2009)

  • Galerie Pascal Lainé, Photos, Dessins, Peinture, (2009)

  • Galerie Pfriem, “Paysage du Luberon, Art Vivant”, photos, Savannah College of Art and Design, Lacoste, France, (Sept.-Dec. 2007)

  • Gallery, Hotel Metropol, Moscow, “Crystal Symbols”, (Mar.-April 2007)

  • Galerie La Tour des Cardinaux, Isle sur la Sorgue, France: “Poèmes d’amour dans un paysage animé” (“Poems of love in an animated landscape”), drawings with poetry, in conjunction with Gao Xingjian exhibit and event “Art Plastiques et Poésie”, (1999)

  • Galerie du Tableau, Marseille, France, 1993: in conjunction with event “Les Yeux du Langage” (the Eyes of Language), around exhibit “Poésure et Peintrie”, at La Vieille Charité, (1993)

  • Galerie Bouffarde, Lacoste, France: “Explorations en Langage Visual”, (1989)

  • New Haven Public Library, (1973)

  • Paul Schuster Art Gallery, Cambridge, MA., (1972)




Group Exhibits:

  • Art/Lacoste, Easter Exhibit, Mar.-April 2018, 2019

  • Lacoste, France “Culture et Tradition, Lacoste, Luberon”, (June-July 2016, 2017; June 2018)

  • Habitat, Massachusetts Audubon Society, Belmont, Ma., Dec. 2016

  • Journées Européenes de Patrimoine (Europe Historic Legacy Days), Abbée Saint Hilaire, Menerbes France, “Ces Paysages qui nous
    entourent” (“These landscapes which are around us”), Sept. 2014

  • Galerie L’Art de Rien, Paris, “Des Contes de Grimm” (Grimm’s Fairy Tales”), Nov.-Dec. 2012

  • Belmont Gallery of Art, Belmont, Ma., “Memory”, Oct.-Dec. 2012.

  • Art/Lacoste, Easter Exhibits, April 2009-2017 Lacoste, France, Drawings, paintings, photos, sculpture

  • Galerie L’Art de Rien, Paris, Sept. 2007

  • Spring Exhibit, Cave de Lumières, Goult, France, May 2006

  • “80 Ans Dans Nos Campagnes” (Eighty Years in Our Land), Cave de Lumières, Goult, France, photographs, April-May 2005

  • “Winter Escape”, La Capelli Salon and Gallery, Cambridge, MA., Jan. 9- Feb. 25, 2004

  • “Les Fables de La Fontaine”, Traveling Exhibit, 2002-2004, organized by the Institute for American Universities, starting April 2002, at the Centre pour l'Art et la Culture, Aix-en-Provence, France, Nov. ‘02, at Temple University, Rome. 2002-2004

  • Lacoste School of the Arts exhibit, Alliance Française, New York 2002

  • “Strange Attractor; In the Orbit of the Artist”, Curated by Rosamund Purcell, Photographic Resource Center, Boston, MA., 2001

  • Exhibits, with “Les Artistes d’Artifices”, Lacoste, France, 2000, 2001

  • Galerie Art-isanat, Carpentras, 1999

  • “Les Artistes d’Artifices”, Lacoste, France, 1999

  • Galerie Bouffarde, Lacoste, France: “Free drawings and poems in a Landscape Alphabet”, 1997

  • Second Salon of Avignon, Avignon, May 1994

  • Centre Asie, Marseille, May-June 1994 (“Le Printemps” (Spring), Awarded drawing prize)

  • “Dialogues”, Association Artifices, Lacoste, Vaucluse, France, 1994

  • "The Object of Performance”, Brickbottom Gallery, Somerville, MA. 1993

  • “Le Marquis de Sade et les Pierres de Lacoste”, Lacoste, Summer 1993

  • “Paysage” (Landscape), Musée Adzak, Paris, April 1993

  • “Le Labyrinthe à Travers Lacoste”, on theme “Primitivism in modern art”:

  • “Le Socle de Lacoste”, installation, with photographs, drawings, “groundworks” (olive tree trunk, earth, stones), Lacoste, April 1993

  • Habitat, Autumn Exhibit, Belmont, MA., Dec. 1992

  • Buckingham, Brown and Nichols Alumni Show, Cambridge, MA., Nov. 1992

  • Open Studios, Association Artifices, Vaucluse, Summer 1992

  • “Sur la Trace des Crocodiles”, Salle des Fêtes, Lacoste, April, 1992

  • “Hommage à Bernard Pfriem: 20 Years of the Lacoste School of the Arts”, Fondation Mona Bismarck, Paris, 1991

  • “Les Ateliers d’Artifices”, open studios, and group show at La Maison du Parc du Luberon, Apt, France, July-Aug. 1991

  • “L’Art et la Nature”, Gordes, France, on theme “Art, Nature, Poetry”, 1990

  • “Lumières et Formes Méditerranéennes”, Juried Show at “5ème Rencontres Méditerranéennes Albert Camus”, Lourmarin, Vaucluse, France, Aug. 1988

  • Easter Show, Salle des Fêtes, Lacoste, France, 1987

  • Biennale des Friedens (Toward an Art of Peace Biennale), Hamburg Kunsthaus, Dec. 1985-Jan. 1986

  • Galerie Bouffarde, Lacoste, France: exhibits in 1981, 1982, 1983, 1985,1990

  • Cleveland Institute of Art, Art Program in Lacoste, France, group faculty exhibits, 1981-82, 1984-92 shows, 

  • Sarah Lawrence College, Art Program in Lacoste, France, group faculty 1977-80

  • Creative Arts Workshop, New Haven, Ct., 1972, 1973

  • John Slade Eli House, New Haven, Ct., 1972, 1972

  • Essex Regional Show, Ct., 1971

1202028_-_Affiche_MDD_Apt_bd[1] 12 Mars
DSC_5538 Course Poster Landscape Institu

Independent teaching,

“Landscape, Art, and Visual Language”, 


Visiting Artist,

Savannah College of Art and Design in Lacoste, France (Spring 2006)

Luberon Workshop,

Landscape Institute, Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University, (2004)

Elective Course,

“Landscape, Art, and Visual Language”,

Landscape Institute of the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University, (2002-2009) 


Supervision of Masters-level Painting Internship, Savannah College of Art and Design in Lacoste, France (Spring 2002)


Independent workshops,

at Harvard Neighbors, Harvard University (1993)

Formulation of new course,

“The Creative Process” (“The Self in Art”),
Sarah Lawrence College Art Program in Lacoste, France, (1977); continued
teaching of “The Self in Art and Nature” course, (1977-1980), and with
Cleveland Institute of Art (1981-1992)


Invited Talks & Lectures:

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