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Intercultural lenses: Luberon

The Luberon mountain region, situated in Southern France southeast of Avignon, is a Regional Natural Park, and, in 1998 was designated as a Unesco Biosphere Reserve. The landscape here has been beautifully fashioned by generations of agricultural work. Below the mountain ridges the cultivated fields are small, nestled into available space on uneven terrain and terraces which, over the generations, were carved into the hills and supported with stonewalls by farmers, or paysans, people of the land.

Panorama, the Cultivated valley, from Lacoste toward Bonnieux (April 2011)

Lacoste toward the Valley (April 1991)

View from Lacoste to the valley, Autumn

A number of the Luberon villages are located on the top of hills and plateaus, with alternating terrace, forest, and rocky areas constituting the slopes down to more fertile valley areas.

Lacoste, near sunrise (2004)

Bonnieux, Autumn (2020)